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Wandilla are Middle East-focussed international business advisors - adding value through cooperation and collaboration.


The world is moving so fast with constant innovations that it pays to engage with leading thinkers, practitioners and experts. We have built a core team of specialists, all experts in their respective fields spanning education, healthcare, property, marketing, business development, finance and I.T. in Europe and the GCC.


We deliver superior results by bringing together people, opportunities and capital.

Wandilla Limited Logo

"The best way to predict the future is to create it" 

Peter Drucker


We’re invested in education, healthcare, infrastructure and real estate because these four sectors create lasting impact and the possibilities to build sustainable legacies for the future.

  • We’re clear, transparent, honest and always act authentically and with integrity.

  • We say what we think and we challenge the status quo, daring to be remarkable.

  • We’re confident in our abilities to create positive impact.

We believe in harnessing the power of the present to create hope for a better tomorrow.


We help companies network and gain competitive advantage. Wandilla is a bridge between

East and West, growing business for blue chip international organisations across a wide spectrum of industries.


We facilitate introductions for leading brands in education, healthcare, infrastructure and real estate to the fastest-growing markets in the world – the GCC. We build on decades of relationships in the Middle East to ensure that our clients meet the right people, at the right time for the right project.


We add experience, insight and in-depth knowledge to companies seeking to enter new markets

in the GCC that require optimum go-to-market strategies.


We work with leading blue chip companies to contribute to the growth of the GCC, bringing their systems and processes to add to the intellectual capital of the region.


We offer strategic counsel to create, unlock and enhance value. Our broad international expertise allows us to provide global experience and consultancy services in the following sectors:


  • Education services: bringing high-quality branded International schools to GCC

  • Healthcare services: introducing quality healthcare providers to GCC

  • Property services: locating off market opportunities in commercial/residential real estate with a particular focus in hotels, offices and other high yielding property assets

  • Equity investment in disruptive technologies and internet businesses

  • Joint ventures: introducing European companies to known and respected GCC partners

  • Executive recruitment and selection

  • Brand development, corporate communications and launch campaigns



We understand that developing business is always about building relationships based on honesty, trust and authenticity. This is how we create added value for the long term.


Understanding and appreciating the rich nuances and cultural differences and business requirements in the Middle East and Europe presents many challenges to cross-border business. We’re able to help our clients gain traction in these different markets including finding ways through the red tape that so often slow down or make business difficult.


Our contact base of key decision makers in industry and government in the Middle East enables us to analyse their strategies to help our clients.


Wandilla supports companies to establish themselves and do business within the GCC.

We also research and source prime property and investment opportunities for our high-net worth GCC clients who require absolute discretion to locate suitable strategic partnerships and investment opportunities.


We assist family businesses in GCC with their investments and search for meaningful and sustainable business connections in Europe.



Wandilla attracts committed global organisations with proprietary systems and technologies, because success breeds success. We work with innovative businesses to grow business.


Wandilla partners with powerful global financial and business-to-business brands with clear value-added propositions to deliver lasting success and prosperity for GCC businesses.


Wandilla facilitates the transfer of knowledge and innovation to build local capacity for a sustainable and prosperous future.



You want partners that understand you, appreciate your business and have the skill sets and desire to add value and make a difference.


You want innovative thinkers. You want positive results. You want commitment and energy.

You want value. We deliver.


We understand that time is money and that energy, commitment and focus are crucial to success. We aim to accelerate your profitability. Your success is our success.


You want clarity and insight based on global expertise. Our network and core team have decades of experience working in global organisations in Europe and the Middle East.


We believe in delivering extraordinary.



Anthony Ryman


Wandilla Limited


M: +44 (0) 742 365 7848

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